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Start Up for Young Learners 12-18

Start Up for Young Learners 12-18

Start Up for Young Learners 12-18

Start up for young learners aged 12-18 is one of the most important courses we offer. We believe that in these young ages, students are more creative and they are more adjustable to new technologies. Young learners can be prefect entrepreneurs. Young learners are more dedicated and they do not take their failures and mistakes personal. Young learners can start their own business before college. They can create their own businesses thanks to this wonderful short module in 2 weeks online start up course.

Youngers are more interested in developing their own world and they are really more succesfull to bring their dreams to reality. What about giving them a chance? 

In this course with their own team, young enterpreneurs will dive to business world. They will be able to show a project at the and of the course. It may help for their college application as well. 

It is 2 weeks online course. The course starts at 13.00 and finishes at 15.30 Pacific time every week days. (Eastern Time 16.00-18.30)

This course is very intensive and has after class project works. Young Learners will experience real entrepreneurial way from and idea to a business plan. Each week they will pitch their start up to their family, classmates and coaches.

Week 1:

Entrepreneurship and Business Idea

*Principles of Start up

*How to valuate your idea

*Concepts of design thinking

*Business Modelling

*Case studies of successful global start ups

*How to create social and ecenomic value

*How to make market research

*How to create a prototype

*Validate their idea

*How to create a lean start up

*Improve their own business model

Week 2:

Launch and Scale up

*How to manage and execuate 

*How to scale up their business

*Create a launch plan

*Create a sales and marketting strategy

*Negotiation and decision making

*Fundraising Strategies

*Decision making with leadership and management skills

*How to present your business to investors



  • About Course/Program
    • Course Price
      $ 1,398
    • Included Services
      Registration fee, Course Materials
    • Course Dates
    • Total Week
    • Weekly Course Hours
    • Age Range
      12 - 18
  • Basics
    • School Group
      : Digital Media Academy
    • Level
      : Beginner
    • Accommodation
      : Online
    • Events and Excursions
      : Online
    • Included Services
      : Course data and group works
    • Period and Prices
      : 15-26 March 2021 On Weekdays - Two Weeks Course 1398 USD
  • Program Result
  • Education Center


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