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Do I pay more if I book the summer camp through Best Parent?

Best Parents show the exact dates and the prices of the international summer camps. You do not pay more. The promotions and discounts will be shown on your invoice.

Do you sell your own camps?

We are not the owner of the camps, we are the representative of more than 400 summer camps. We have exclusive agreements with most of the best summer camps as we have been working with them more than 14 years.

How do I get a refund?

You will see the terms and the conditions to sign the agreement after booking. You can ask for a refund 4 weeks before the camps started. During Covid, you can have your full refund without any charges A WEEK before your children start.

Can all the holiday camps publish themselves on this platform?

No they can not. The camps are visited by us, checked the accreditations and should be approved by our consultants. 

Do I pay extra fees after booking?

If you want extra lessons and services, you are supposed to pay. Generally all camps include; boarding ,insurance, pick up transfer, education materials and all foods. Plane tickets and visas are not included.

Who is going to pick up my children from the airport?

The plane tickets are sent to summer school pick up services. The summer camp organizers usually wait 30 minutes before the arrival and 1 hour for late arrivals. The planes are watched by operation service people for postponings.

Are the camps full board?

Yes all boarding summer camps are full board, day camps may not include meals.

Can I lengthen my children's summer camp after their arrival?

If there is an availability, you definitely can. It may affect your plane ticket plannings. 

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That is all