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Online English Summer Course for Young Learners

Online English Summer Course for Young Learners

Online English Summer Course for Young Learners

Online Junior English Learning Summer Camps are great to start english learning in your own living place but from London. International House is one of the biggest English language education chains all around the world. International House London is famous for young learners summer camps in London. They have created an online summer language camp program with the world's famous online education experts. While students learn through this amazing online live interactive program, children aged 8-17 enrich their general knowledge thanks to National Geography Online and Interactive materials.

Why should you choose the International House Online Summer Program?

International House London expertise is young learners. They know the importance of language education and make it sustainable for young learners. The teachers are great experts of online young learners. The programs are planned by experts and lessons are combined with online afternoon activities according to interest such as baking, dancing and animal care. The lessons have a wide range of concepts while learning English online. Themes include: Technology, Literature, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education and Humanities. The lesson materials are powered by National Geographic Learning. The course books are e books and the subject are well designed according to 21st century skills. The activities are very enjoyable like music, art, drama. 

How many students are there and how many hours is the program?

There are minimum 4 and maximum 10 students in the classroom according to age and skills. Early young learners, aged 8-12 learn in smaller groups. There are morning and afternoon lessons. Morning lessons are between 7.00-8.30 am (London Time) followed by 9.00-10.00 am activity lessons every weekday. The afternoon lessons are between 14.00-15.30 pm (London Time) followed by 16.00-17.00 pm activity lessons every weekday. You can choose one session for every week. The minimum program is one week and the maximum is 4 weeks courses. Weekly 125 Pounds.

What level is expected?

Every level of English is welcome by teachers and the courses. The English Level Test will be sent as soon as you complete the booking by us.

Why English Online summer camps?

The children need flexi learning places. English Language Learning is fundamental for children. Learning English is easier before 16 years old and online education is effective after 8 years old. As an expert, we can tell you that in 2 weeks online language summer camp will be as effective as 1 week onsite language summer program. Online Language Summer camp is much more affordable and easy to reach. With the online language teaching experts, the children can start speaking English fluently in 4 weeks programs thanks to International House Online Education experts.

The students love the program. They want to attend regularly and they love socializing online with the students from different countries. 

Zoom technology and good internet connection should be set before the lessons. 


  • About Course/Program
    • Course Price
      Duration Price Per Week Description
      1 - 6 Week £ 125 Included Services: Course Materials
    • Maximum Course Length
      6 Week
    • Weekly Start Date
      The course starts on Monday every week. If it coincides with a public holiday, it starts on the next business day.
    • Date Range
      You can register for this course between 28.06.2021 - 20.08.2021
    • Weekly Course Hours
    • Age Range
      8 - 17
  • Basics
    • School Group
      : International House
    • Level
      : Every Levels
    • Accommodation
      : Online
    • Events and Excursions
      : Online
    • Included Services
      : Course data and group works, entrance to the platform
    • Period and Prices
      : 28 June - 16 August starting every Monday Weekly 125 £
  • Program Result
  • Education Center

That is all

That is all