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Kaplan Junior Online English Private Lessons

Kaplan Junior Online English Private Lessons

Kaplan Junior Online English Private Lessons

Kaplan is one of the most famous languge education institutions for juniors and adults. Kaplan language schools have been founded in 1967 and owned by Graham Holdings, formerly known as Washington Post Group.

Why should you choose Kaplan Juniors one to one?

As an education expert, we have been talking to lots of families every year. The parents try lots of programs and give us feedback. This is the program that we have got 95% satisfaction from our families. Kaplan is a worldwide English language educator in 9 different countries, since 1967. Their education system is worldwide. They know students' needs and development keys according to age and level. This is a key knowledge to save your time and make your childrens' language development sustainable. These are 40 minute lessons with expert language instructors. As it is a private lesson pack, the focus is just on your child. Kaplan is accredited by British Council, ACCET, English Australia, Languages Canada, English New Zealand and Acels. The students are going to get the international level recognized certification from Kaplan International.

The teachers are educated according to the level and the age that they are going to teach. Teacher selection and education is the strength of Kaplan. Thanks to 60 years experience, Kaplan has a wide range of English Language Teachers in their network. Experienced teachers prefer to work with Kaplan Language schools as the materials and the programs are designed by the best academic teams for their lessons. The planning and materials for lesson can be varied according to each student's personal needs. 

Why should you prefer one to one lessons?

Children are busy and needs their own tailor-made programs to save time. They need more time for themselves and ongoing school education. How can you help them? You can create more individual and exclusive education programs for them. The most important part of their life is educational hours with experts. The teachers in Kaplan International Online are educated for online language teaching for different age groups and levels. This means that your child is going to get exclusive and intensive online language education which is very tailor made and sustainable for them. 

You will see the difference in 1 month. We offer 2 days x 60 minutes programs for children aged 8-17 to make them focus on their English Language Learning. You can choose the hours to start for the same days and hours according to each child's school program. We advise you to give them 1 hour after their school finishes to get the English lesson. The best schedule is 60 minutes block lessons which makes 1.5 lessons each education day, 3 lessons in a week. 60 lessons program is enough for 6 months. They are supposed to finish 2 levels of language levels from 6 levels in one 60 lessons pack program.

There will be extra materials, online interactive activities according to their level and needs. The homework will be individual, tailor made and easy to perform for them. Zoom is preferred for the lesson technology to share the screens.


  • About Course/Program
    • Course Price
      € 2,400
    • Included Services
      Course Materials
    • Course Dates
      02.08.2021, 09.08.2021, 16.08.2021, 23.08.2021, 30.08.2021
    • Total Week
    • Weekly Course Hours
    • Age Range
      8 - 17
  • Basics
    • School Group
      : Kaplan International
    • Level
      : Every Levels
    • Accommodation
      : Online
    • Events and Excursions
      : Online Case Studies
    • Included Services
      : Course data and Online works, entrance to the platform
    • Period and Prices
      : 60 Lessons pack programs is better if you use 3 lessons per week for the children's language development. It is 2400 Euros for 60 Lessons. Every lesson is 40 minutes. We suggest 60 minutes block lessons. You can choose the exact hours according to your children program.
  • Program Result
  • Education Center

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