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College Du Leman

College Du Leman

College Du Leman

Switzerland College du Leman summer schools offer a summer school program full of academic, athletic, artistic, and cultural activities, where young people can study in English or French for 2, 4 and 6 weeks in the summer. Geneva, where the school is located, has a magnificent location between the mountains and the lake.

Language lessons are offered in about four and a half hours a day from Monday to Saturday throughout the program. In classrooms with a small number of students, emphasis is placed on practical language skills in real life as well as theory.

On summer school camp trips, culturally important corners of Switzerland are visited, while places such as Matterhorn and Zermatt are visited. A trip to Gstaad is also organized within the summer school program.

Switzerland College du Leman Summer School Program Activities
Students choose one of the following three main topics in each Switzerland summer camps term. And they participate in activities under the title of their choice. For example, in the first week, they can choose English in the morning, MUN in the afternoon, English in the morning in the second week and the NBA in the afternoon. You can create your own Switzerland summer camp by participating for more than 2 weeks.

Here are some fun activities for you in Swiss summer school camps:

*Genious - Computer programming, CSI-crime scene research lab, intensive English, intensive french, robotics, MUN (Model United Nations)

*Action - Champions league, rock band, NBA, Olympics, Drama, Picasso, Technology

*Premium - Golf, horse riding, Lake Geneva sports activities, music, tennis.

Swiss summer school camps are a great place for your child to learn while having fun. Especially Switzerland College du Leman Summer Schools Program is the best for this job. 

 Ages: 4-18

  • Genius Options
  • Action Options
  • Premium Options
  • Kids Options

Bu programların içinde seçilebilecek etkinlikler;

Morning Activities

•       Computer Programming

•       Create your start-up

•       English Classes

•       French Classes

•       CSI Laboratory

•       Robotics

•       Olympic

•       Picasso

Afternoon Activities

•       CSI Laboratory

•       Robotics

•       Future Leaders

•       Champions League

•       On Stage

•       Street Dance

•       Technology

•       Web Design

•       Olympic

•       Picasso

Evening Activities

• Bowling
• Lasergame
• Outdoor Games
• Disco Party on Campus
• Show (Capoeira, circus, etc…)
• Challenge by team


Boarding: 2 Weeks: 5700 CHF, 4 Weeks: 10200 CHF, 6 Weeks: 13500 CHF
Day School: 2 Weeks: 2800 CHF, 4 Weeks: 5100 CHF, 6 Weeks: 7000 CHF
Dates: 5-18 July (1. session), 19 July – 1 August (2. session), 2-15 August (3. Session)

  • Basics
    • School Group
      : College Du Leman
    • Level
      : All levels in English and in French options
    • Accommodation
      : College Du Leman dorms all inclusive (single/double). Optional day options
    • Events and Excursions
      : You can choose extra one morning one afternoon activity during the week. There are 3 options Genius Option, Action Option ve Premium Option. All Options have different activity options. Some activities: Go Kart, shopping, aqua park, natural park, sport activities Trips: Gruyere Cheese Factory, Cailler Chocolate Factory, Switzerland Mountains, Patek Philippe Museum
    • Included Services
      : Education ve activities (English or French) Optional 2 theme activities and trips (Weekend activities and breakfast, evening meals is not included for Day School ) Shared room, Full Board , Airport transfers are included (Not for day school option))
    • Period and Prices
      : Boarding fees 2 Weeks: 5700 CHF, 4 Weeks: 10200 CHF, 6 Weeks: 13500 CHF/ Day School Fees: 2 Weeks: 2800 CHF, 4 Weeks: 5100 CHF, 6 Weeks: 7000 CHF/ Dates: 5-18 July (1. session), 19 July – 1 August (2. session), 2-15 August (3. Session)
  • Program Result
  • Education Center

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