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Coding for Young Learners 12-18

Coding for Young Learners 12-18

Coding for Young Learners 12-18

Coding online course for young learners aged 12-18 is a great experiece. The teachers are very capable to open this unlimited world's door to students. Coding is one of the essential skills for the future. No matter what you are going to be but you are supposed to be more technical in the future.

If you want to create your own ideas as a young learner, it is a course for you. It is not a dream that you are going to be one of unforgettable creator of a very essention product. It is time to start. In 2 weeks you are going to experience the essentials of programming and become of of the skilled starter. 

Here are what you are going to learn;

Week 1: Introduction to Java Programming for young learners

You will learn anatomy of coding and experience object oriented coding using Processing IDE. ın this course we cover basic syntax of Java, enabling students to create loop, conditionals and functions. The teachers will introduce Processing.JS and UI design principles. You will develop those skills at the second week.

*Intro to Java Programming

*Coordinate systems

*Concepts velocity and gravity will be explained

*Learn game loops and logic

*To be anle to write variables,conditionals loops and using code

Week 2: Mobile App Development by React

You are going to create your own mobile app using react in the second week of the course. React is a platform for professionals to create the best developments. You are going to be able to use it like professionals at the end of this week. You will build your coding knowledge from your last week and combine your skills in the second week of this online doding course for young learners. You will create your own apps and games.

You will experience;

*Principle of app development including UI/UX Design.

*Using data structure, arrays and object oriented design.

*Responsive prototyping, design and testing.

*Developing by React


  • About Course/Program
    • Course Price
      $ 1,398
    • Included Services
      Registration fee, Course Materials
    • Course Dates
    • Total Week
    • Weekly Course Hours
    • Age Range
      12 - 18
  • Basics
    • School Group
      : Digital Media Academy
    • Level
      : Beginner
    • Accommodation
      : Online
    • Events and Excursions
      : Online
    • Included Services
      : Course data and group works, entrance to the platform
    • Period and Prices
      : 15-26 March 2021 On Weekdays - Two Weeks Course 1398 USD 13.00-15.30 Pacific Time
  • Program Result
  • Education Center


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